Benefits of Car GPS Tracking

August 11, 2022
Posted by: Ramee M

If, for any reason, you are unaware about the whereabouts of your car and want to track its location, a GPS tracker could be a really helpful tool. Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite positioning system that can detect signals from space satellites via a receiver to determine the real-time location. The benefits of using GPS are extensive. In this guide, we take a detailed look at the major benefits of using GPS in cars.


There are three main types of car GPS trackers: plug in, hardwired and battery operated.

Plug in GPS trackers, as its name suggests, are plugged into the car’s port to determine its location. Hardwired GPS trackers, on the other hand, are directly wired into the car. There is another type of GPS tracker known as battery operated GPS tracker which functions irrespective of the car’s power system. The battery in such GPS trackers are  an independent power source that performs its functions as long as there is power in the battery.

All these GPS trackers are able to determine latitude and longitude of any location via a process known as trilateration. The word “tri” means three and trilateration means determining location via three points. In GPS trackers, these three points are satellites which establish a connection and then help to retrieve GPS tracking data.


Ever since Mazda became the first automobile in 1990 with a GPS tracker, more automotive manufactures are installing GPS trackers in cars because of the numerous benefits it offers. Let’s go through the major advantages of a GPS tracker.


A lot of kids or even friends often insist to take the car for a drive. If you want to be aware of their whereabouts, a GPS tracker is one of the best car tracking devices that can come in handy in such cases. Although you can track their location if you had a GPS tracking unit installed in your car, tracking system can be disabled with the use GPS jammers. The key is that you need to outsmart them by installing the GPS tracker where they are unable to find it. The best places to install a GPS tracker are OBDII Port, inside the seats or within the dash.


Thanks to GPS trackers, the task of exploring new areas has been made easier. All you have to do is to put your query on the Internet and it will display the directions from your current location to the place you want to go. In addition to this, ride-hailing services also use GPS trackers whereby drivers use Google Maps to pick up and drop off their customers.


Due to the benefits of using GPS, it’s use has also increased in businesses as it helps managers to monitor the movement of fleets. Using a GPS tracker, managers can enable them to keep an eye on every moment of the stock being transported from one point to another. Moreover, managers can see which route has been taken and for how long the driver has stopped during the journey. Since fuel costs constitute a major expense for any business, managers want quick transportation of goods and a GPS tracking system can enable them to save vehicle fuel and locate the shortest route and keep an eye on the driver transporting the goods.

These are the major benefits of using GPS in cars. However, car GPS trackers have figured in a lot of debates like invading someone’s privacy by installing a hidden GPS tracker in their vehicle and tracking their location but the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking system easily outweigh the disadvantages of vehicle tracking system. If you are based in the Qatar, you can purchase  used cars for sale in the Qatar which you might be interested in browsing through. To keep up with all the latest information related to automobiles and the automotive industry, stay tuned to Qatar’s leading auto blog.

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