When to Change Your Car’s Tyres

September 19, 2022
Posted by: Ramee M

It is crucial to keep an eye on the condition of your car’s tyres. Driving with bad tyres is a major safety hazard and a leading cause of road accidents worldwide. One should always invest in good tyres – but finding a good set isn’t where the story ends. Even the best tyres wear off after a few hundred miles on the road and need replacement. Knowing when to change your car’s tyres can save you from a lot of trouble.

Although there is no specific way to tell exactly how long tyres will last, you can always look for some obvious signs that indicate wear and tear. The tread design of a tyre, your driving style, road conditions, regional climate and how frequently the car is in use are some of the factors that determine a tyre’s useful life.

Use the following guidelines to assess when it’s time to replace car tyres with new ones. You must ensure that your car is equipped with a tyre changing tool kit at all times.


For optimum handling and control, it is important to keep a check on your tyres. There are a few signs that indicate that your tyres are no longer roadworthy and it’s time to get them changed.


Tread depth is a major factor to consider when replacing car tyres. Tyre treads are there to provide better grip, easy turn and acceleration speed on the road.  As the tyre wears out, these treads get uneven and even too smooth in some areas. If your car tyres have worn out treads, they would not be able to stop, accelerate or turn as desired.

With a tread depth gauge, you can easily determine the condition of your tyre’s treads. You can also use the coin method to check the tyre tread depth. If you’re still unable to figure the condition of your treads, take your car to a professional for an inspection.


Sidewall is what holds the tire in shape and also protects the inner plies. It can also show signs of damage when the tyre wears out. Thoroughly check if any of the tyres has a blister or bulge on the sidewall. Such tires can be very dangerous. You can get in an accident, or worse, trouble with the authorities as there are laws that prohibit driving with bad tyres.

The damage on the outer sidewall is easily detectable; use a mirror and torch to check for damage on the inner sidewall.


It is important to regularly check the pressure of your tyre. Your tyre could be both over and under inflated. Underinflation of a tyre can reduce tread life, increase your fuel costs, generate excessive heat and can also affect the tyre’s durability. Use a pressure gauge to see if the pressure is according to the manufacturer’s specification. If a tyre keeps losing pressure too frequently, it may be a good idea to replace it.


A worn out tyre can cause alignment issues in your car. If you notice disturbance or vibration while driving, immediately reduce speed and safely pull off the road to inspect your tyres. If the issue persists despite proper air pressure, it might mean one or more of your tyres need to be replaced.


If you notice uneven wear patterns on the tire, that’s cupping or scalloping. It means your tyre needs a thorough inspection. Tyre cupping occurs due to irregular motions of a wheel. If your car tyre makes a lot of rumbling noises at high speed, check if cupped tyres are the culprit behind the issue. Such tyres must be replaced immediately. It’s worth noting that cupping often indicates an issue with a car’s suspension. Seek professional help to resolve such underlying problems.


Lastly, the most important reason to change your car’s tyres. Each tyre comes with an expiry date, which is usually 3 years from the date of manufacturing. The date of manufacturing is mentioned in the code you see on the tyre. After its useful life, the rubber begins to harden and the type becomes useless and unsafe.



Taking care of your tyres can significantly affect their performance and lifespan. However, there is no specific way to tell how long they will last, especially in the hot weather of the Qatar. Between summer and winter tyres, it is advisable to use summer tyres in the Qatar owing to its hot weather. Keep an eye on the signs of wear and tear


A tyre’s useful age depends on factors such as weather, road condition and your driving habits. Even when everything else is perfect, most tyres have a manufacturer specified life span of 5 years. If you drive too often, it is a good idea to consider tyre change after 40,000 km.

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Tyres significantly affect the mileage, comfort, safety and performance of the car. Regardless of the type of tyre you use, make sure to check your tyres regularly for wear and tear. Replace them timely to avoid any inconvenience.

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